Turbine Test Rig

Engine test stand

Our motivation: big challenges

Test-Rig for turbines
Both, for development and after production or after maintenance an engine must provide proof of certified thrust. This acceptance usually takes place in an approved test bench.
The main purpose of the test is to demonstrate the mechanical properties, e.g. a leak and vibration test, as well as the required thrust parameters during the actual performance run.

WENDT Noise Control engineers have many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and assembling the acoustic components.

intake silencer (with weather protection hood and jalousie flaps)

Augmenter tube with Basket (Detuner)

High temperature and weather resistant exhaust silencers

soundproof doors with appropriate pressure and fire protection certificates

The very high requirements in terms of pulsating shear forces, thermal expansion, noise emissions and reduction of pressure losses form the basis of our calculations.