Quality & competence

Quality, environment, safety - we do not make any compromises here

Quality policy

The companies within the WENDT-Noise Control consider themselves to be customer- focused organisations with an obligation to provide innovative and high quality products and services which meet our customers’ expectations and demands in terms of suitability of use, performance, safety and reliability. This means that we always seek a long-term relationship with our customers.

We achieve this by adhering to and implementing the following quality principles:

The quality of our products
The quality of our products is not just reflected in compliance with the underlying guidelines and in meeting our customers’ requirements in terms of the product. We consider product quality to be closely allied with our company’s internal performance in that we address the market situation as a team and encourage a complete quality mindset from the inside out. Each one of our employees contributes to this, thus helping towards the company’s success.

Quality also means continuous further development and improvement. Quality is not a fixed – it needs to be constantly challenged and improved. We pursue a consistent attitude of continual improvement.
Our responsibility and professional expertise
Quality cannot be dictated – it comes from every employee taking personal responsibility for how they think and what they do. It encompasses every part of the company.

An awareness of quality means thinking and acting in a corporate way, and supporting the company’s continued existence and the employment it provides. This requires organisational development and employees to have qualifications, gain further qualifications and employees to develop themselves further.
Our customer-oriented behavior
We regard the customer as our client. Our ultimate goal is to fulfill his wishes and, moreover, to increase his satisfaction. For this purpose we offer him as specialists in our sector individual consulting services and service as well as special solutions. The quality of our high-quality products is an indispensable prerequisite.
Our fast and reliable customer service
Our customers rely on a fast and reliable service. On-time delivery is an important quality feature of our service, in which our customers constantly measure us. Only by consistent compliance with our process organization, taking into account any necessary flexibility, we fulfill this requirement.

Environment and safety policy

Protection and preserving our environment are today generally recognised as valuable aims. This goes hand-in-hand with creating a working environment that supports human rights. The companies within the WENDT-Noise Control have thus formulated the binding environmental and safety guidelines below which set out the preferred ways of working and desirable conduct. The entire company as well as each individual employee is required and obliged to adhere to these guidelines.

Minimising the environmental effect and the risk of accidents
Our activities are inherently associated with negative environmental effects and a certain risk of danger for employees. Our aim is to minimise and offset the environmental effects that we can affect, so that we can help to preserve our environment. We always give highest priority to our employees’ safety concerns. Preventive measures are designed to actively prevent accidents, occupational health risks and work-related illnesses.
Employee motivation
The wide-ranging tasks of an ecologically and ergonomically focused company can be achieved only with a well-informed and committed workforce. We thus place great value on training and the cross-divisional integration of our employees, also encompassing environmental and labour law aspects.
Improved environmental performance and occupational safety
As a very minimum, we operate in compliance with the applicable legal stipulations. We also feel an obligation to continually improve our operational environmental protection, our environmental performance, occupational safety and our approach to equality/racism (German Equal Opportunities Act (AGG)), because we believe that optimum environmental and work safety can be achieved most efficiently through personal initiative.
Contractual partners
We impress upon our contractual partners to support us in achieving our environmental and safety objectives. When working on our premises or construction sites, contractors are required to apply the sane environmental protection and safety standards as we ourselves apply.
Public access
Our fundamental approach is documented and is publically available.
Compliance with the environmental and safety guidelines is regularly checked and assessed. This also allows corrective measures to be introduced in good time. Successes achieved provide the impetus for further improvements.
In order to meet these objectives, we have introduced a management system so that we can perform constant monitoring and come to conclusions regarding optimum solutions as part of a continuous organisational improvement process.

The management system introduced so that we can meet these requirements is documented in a management manual, together with the related documents. Via ongoing updates and regular internalaudits, the WENDT-Noise Control management team ensures that the every employee understands the company’s corporate policy, puts it into practice effectively and maintains this policy. As part of the annual management review, the management team reviews the ongoing appropriateness of this corporate policy.

The business politics is published on our Internet site. In this way it is announced to the public, i.e. also to our principals and our suppliers / subcontractor. Besides this, it is summarized into the project security plans again.