Acoustic measuring rooms and test benches

Acoustic measuring rooms, reverberation rooms, test benches

Acoustic measuring rooms can be manufactured in several models depending on requirements. On the one hand, we offer low reflexion acoustic measuring rooms in accuracy class 1 according to ISO 3745 or alternatively highly absorbent acoustic measuring rooms in accuracy class 2 according to ISO 3744.

Reverberation rooms for determining sound power levels can also be built in two quality grades - according to ISO 3741 (accuracy class 1) or ISO 3743 (accuracy class 2).
Reverberation rooms are also suitable for sound absorption measurements according to ISO 354.

Our test benches guarantee excellent noise control. Simple operation ensures a tailor-made integration into your processes and workflows. We also include all other components to operate your test benches correctly in our planning, for example, ventilation or structure-borne noise isolation.