Power Plant

We think in terms of complete solutions

Our range of services extends from the acoustic, fluidic, thermodynamic design as well as engineering and project management to manufacturing and turnkey installation.

We offer you noise control for energy plants and power stations that is exactly tailored to your needs. You can use our innovative total solutions for gas turbines, steam turbines, GT packages, combined heat and power plants (CHP), transformer stations or compressor housings.


In addition to the dimensioning, production and delivery of noise control systems for sound insulation, our range of services also includes complete ventilation and lighting systems. The installation is completed and coordinated on site or a supervisor is assigned for this purpose.


We guarantee a problem-free installation process on site with a consistently high standard of quality as a result of the complete pre-assembly of the GT housing and filter house in our factory.


Our complete filter houses are a further development of the Wendt sound protection hoods. We offer you multi-stage filter systems with coarse, fine or coalesce filters, an anti-icing system as well as access points to the interior and exterior of the filter house, that are adapted to individual customer requirements.



The use of silencers significantly reduces the noise level of cooling towers. WENDT cooling tower splitters (silencers) are optimised according to acoustic and fluidic requirements - we offer cost-effective alternatives.



Transformer stations in residential areas must be particularly space-saving and quiet. WENDT Noise Control has developed a close-fitting and cost-effective housing specifically for these requirements. Noise abatement walls may also be used as an alternative.